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Angry Birds

For sure you know that Angry Birds is a franchise game series that is made by a company Rovio Entertainment. What you don’t know is that we have the game Angry Birds right here on our website for you. It is a good and fun puzzle game and I think that you will love this game. I was playing this game on my telephone but I always wanted to play online. This is the reason I made this website. So you everybody can play all the games online for free from their computer.

As you know already some birds are so angry so you have to help them to destroy the buildings. Try to make as many points as you can. Some birds have special powers. Get ready and aim perfectly as you have few shots to destroy the buildings. Don’t get angry if you can’t manage to destroy from the first shots. Try again and again and for sure you will manage to do the best job ever.

Maybe you can play Zuma Bird’s Town game too. In Wikipedia you can find more about angry birds the game and the movie.

Finally use your mouse to play the game.