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Haunt The House

In Haunt The House game you are the perfect ghost. You have a house full of people and you are the little ghost that you always wanted to be. Scare all the people in the house by moving in all the rooms and make the objects to move or to fall. You can even start the car and move the car around to scare the people and to make the atmosphere so heavy that everybody will evacuate the house. This is the time when you will win in the game.

Maybe this game is not so fast action game because you need some time to scare everybody out but it is so fun. Play this game now and try to scare everybody from the house so that they run away.

This is one of the best games I played in puzzle category. Maybe you will love this game.

You begin to play this game at the stoke of midnight. Tonight will be the night of a haunting! Your little Ghost can possess items with his soul. Float over the chest and press SPACE to be inside the chest at first to get used with the game. Level up your Atmosphere by scaring people out the house. More Atmosphere means unlocking more powerful haunting. The aim is to scary all the 30 party people out of the house. The front door is in the lower right corner of the house. Don’t panic them to much since they might do something stupid. The midnight is coming and it is the time to claim you house for you.

You will hear all the people around you when you spook them. Try to be as gentile as you can to scare them our of your house.

I was trying to see how this games goes and I found myself stuck in the game trying to kick the people out of the house. When I saw that my ability to scare them is low I tried to watch the YouTube video below and to see how I can make a perfect scare of the people. I tried again and again until I did the joy meaning that I scared all of them.

Just another fun game but you have to be with a lot of patience since is pretty hard to make them run out of the house.

Try to play Angry Birds too. On YouTube you can watch a perfect 30/30 scare of the people.

Finally in Haunt The House game you can use your arrow keys to move around and space bar to enter in objects and to get out.