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HoloHolo Island

HoloHolo Island game like is not like others bubble shooting games. Here the graphics is more intense and more close to a real island. The rush will give you a adrenaline boost since when you play the game you will see that you want to play more and more. Have fun playing HoloHolo Island.

INTERESTING FACT: “The Holoholo people (also Horohoro or Kalanga) are an ethnic group that live around Kalemie city on Lake Tanganyika in the present-day Tanganyika Province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and on the opposite shore of the lake in Tanzania. As of 2002 there were about 15,500 speakers of the Holoholo language. The name “Holoholo” was given to them by the Belgians. It comes from the sound of their greeting, which outsiders found comical. The alternative name “Kalanga” simply means people who were there before the current population.” Source: Wikipedia

Maybe you want to play Zuma Honey Trouble game too and other games from our website. Finally HoloHolo Island is a great game that you will love.

Use your mouse to play the game.