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Star Magic

Star Magic is a zuma like game. But not exactly zuma since is more a bubble shooter game. You have all your balls and you have to shoot them to the wall that is coming from the top to bottom. Use the color of the ball to crash the balls with the same color.

Maybe you will try not to throw the balls randomly because you will lose the game. Star Magic is here because all the bubble shooter games are the same and they are so fun to play.

Star Magic bubble shooter is a game you will love. On YouTube we didn’t find any video with Star Magic but we have here a video with another bubble shooter game.

We know you love our games that’s why we recommend to play also Svetlograd. Maybe you will check our Zuma Delue Online Games. Star Magic is not a zuma game but we think that here on our website you want to play also other games, not only zuma games.

Finally try to play for a limited time and after that go outside and play with your friends also.

I was searching the internet and I found for my information that the group age for playing zuma games is not 10-15 years but a lot of people between 30-55 years are playing this games. They are relaxing games and for sure you will forget about your day when you play.

Use your mouse to play the game.