Zuma Games Plays 505


Maybe Suma game is exactly like zuma game? Yes! It is exactly the same. Just a great zuma game that is set with a feature flag on our website. This game is so addictive that you can play for hours just like original zuma game. In Suma you will throw the balls to make at least three balls so they will be destroyed.

Suma is nothing more than a zuma game reinvented will all the graphics like the original game. On our website you can play only the best games picked by hand.

Here is a short YouTube video with the presentation of  the game. Just play the game like you never did before. Just like other games that you love here. Finally don’t forget that this game is exactly like the original one.

Don’t forget to tell us what game you love on our website. I bet that Zuma’s Revenge is the one you will love.

As you know you have to destroy marbles by forming groups of three or more marbles of the same color and you have to be careful not to let the balls to reach the skull.

The gem in the back of the frog is showing you the color of the next ball. By pressing SPACE you can swap the ball.

Playing this game for sure will remind you of the original Zuma Deluxe like I said earlier just because the graphics and everything out from this game are probably from PopCap.

That means that only the action is a little different than the original game but this is great for you since you can play another great game.

Try to play as fast as you can so you can have time to play all the other games that we gathered for you.

Just remember to go out and play for some time also and not to stay all day in the front of computer.

Thinking at the childhood I am seeing so many games that I was playing and all of them so fun and addicting.

This game reminds me of my childhood and for sure this game will relax you at all when you are thinking only at the balls you are shooting. This game is great. You will love this fun game. This game is cool. Have fun playing!

Use your mouse to play the Suma or like other are calling this game: Zuma Suma.