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First of all let’s introduce Zuma Svetlograd game. You have ever heard of Svetlograd? If not I will explain to you that this city is located in Russia. Svetlograd is a town and the administrative center of Petrovsky District in Stavropol Krai, Russia and it is located on the Kalaus River, 85 kilometers (53 mi) northeast of Stavropol, the administrative center of the krai.

Here on zuma Svetlograd game you will find yourself on a imaginary land. Maybe this land is like Svetlograd but who knows? I was never been in Russia before. Because this game is so addicting you will find yourself stuck on the computer playing the game over and over again.

As a result you will watch yourself searching for more zuma online games like the ones on this website. Find out that this game is very similar with Zuma Vooz. Maybe next uploaded games on the website will make you want to play more.

Probably you will get sad when the imps are coming fast and you don’t have time to find the correct color. Don’t be sad because you can play Zuma Svetlograd game again.

Like before, here is a short video about this great game. Wikipedia helped us with few information about this town. Seems that the town it was founded in 1750 as the village of Petrovskoye. It was granted town status and renamed Svetlograd in 1965.  The population of the town was: 38,520 (2010 Census); 39,370 (2002 Census); 37,213 (1989 Census).

Isn’t that how you can find great information? We encourage you to always search for new information all the time when you play a game. You can search anything on Wikipedia or other online websites.

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Use your mouse to play the game.