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Zuma 9 Dragons

Seems like Zuma 9 Dragons is a game that you will love. I am telling you that because I love this game too. Don’t forget that this game is a zuma like game with a lot of upgrades. A long, long time ago the world was consumed by a dark force known as The Phantom Gate. The Phantom Gate was a terrible clan of ruthless murderers and thugs destroying anything and anyone in their paths. One day a mysterious force called 9 Dragons to help the world and to fight against The Phantom Gate. You need to help the 9 Dragons defend the castle.

In Zuma 9 Dragons you will be the main character and you can save the world. Here is a short video with the game and maybe you will love Zuma Dynasty Online too.

Seems that this game will drive you crazy if you are not fast enough. In conclusion don’t forget to play our other games that are here on our website..

Use your mouse to play the game.