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Zuma Candy Shot

First of all Zuma Candy Shot is not a regular zuma game but a very nice one. Why is that? Just because here you are with a bow arrow and you are shooting candies. Use the mouse to move the candy around the edge of the board. Click the mouse button to drop the candy. The candy will drop automatically if your time runs out.

Connect 3 similar candies to clear them out. The more you connect, the more points you get. You must clear a certain number of candies to clear the level. The danger will increase if you fail to clear a raw when you drop a candy. If your danger level gets to high, more candies will be added. Use the heart to clear a group of candies, no matter of what type.

If you drop the heart in the middle, it will clear the entire first row.

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Finally your mouse to play the game in Zuma Candy Shot game.