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Zuma Cannon and Ball

Zuma Cannon and Ball game right here on ZumaDeluxeOnline website. In this game everything is about shooting football balls from a cannon in zuma style. We know you love football and we know you love zuma too. That’s why Zuma Cannon and Ball game is here for you to play.

Zuma Clone is also a great zuma game that you can play even if the language of the game is hard.

From Wikipedia we found that Cannon and Ball are:

Tommy Cannon (born Thomas Derbyshire, 27 June 1938) and Bobby Ball (born Robert Harper, 28 January 1944), known collectively as Cannon and Ball, are an English comedy double act best known for their comedy variety show The Cannon and Ball Show, which lasted for nine years on ITV. The duo met in the early 1960s while working as welders in Oldham, Lancashire.

They are well known panto stars and most recently have spent the past three years at the Crewe Lyceum in 2016 Aladdin as the Policemen, 2017 in Snow White as The Henchmen and 2018 in Jack and the Beanstalk as Jack’s Brothers.

Here is a video with them joking around. Just watch them and tell us about their comedy. Do you love them or no? Maybe they play good or maybe they don’t. Maybe they are very funny or maybe not. What do you think? Finally play the game and just enjoy.

In conclusion use your mouse to play the game.