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Zuma Inca Ball

Especially relevant to zuma type games is Zuma Inca Ball. Almost the same as original Zuma. Our creators tried to make this game so similar to zuma and they did that so good. The only problem is that in Zuma Inca Ball you will throw the balls from the bottom of the screen and you will not be in the middle like in the original game.

Zuma Inca Ball is also a computer game. However the online variant is cool too. There is no hassle with downloading and installing any program so you can just play the game here. Maybe the online version doesn’t have all the levels but for sure it will catch you.

I wanted to test this game for few seconds but like in other zuma games I spent more time playing. Play Zuma Joker too. YouTube has a short video with the first level of the computer game.

Use your mouse to play the game.