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Zuma Reaktor

What is interesting at Zuma Reaktor game? That you have to enter in the 8-sector reactor zone where you match colored plutonium blocks. Sound easy? Just try and see for yourself. You have to join at least 3 plutonium blocks of the same color to destroy them. Save the 15 planets that are requesting your help.

Maybe this game is for you or maybe not. I just want to say that I play this game a lot of times and I always want to play more. As we do every time I want to say that Zuma’s Revenge is a great game that you want to play for sure.

Zuma Reaktor comes with 15 levels as I said before but those levels are the planets you have to save. Finally I want to say that Zuma Reaktor is a great game that you can always play again.

Press left mouse button to rotate the reactor into right position. After that plutonium colored block is fired from the core.