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Zuma Snake Coil

Another interesting game is Zuma Snake Coil that I am presenting you right now. Why is that? Because this game is quite difficult. Not because you can’t throw the balls to the snake but you have to put the mouse exactly where you want to send the ball. Zuma Snake Coil it is difficult also because the snake is coming fast to eat the eggs that you are defending.

Because the snake is running fast you will throw away the balls. Just be sure that when you play this game you have a lot of patience inside you, otherwise you will get mad for sure. You will love this game? Maybe not but it is interesting. You can play few times and you can try another games. We have some fun and interesting games here on our website. Try them all and tell us what you think. Try Zuma Sparkle game and tell us your opinion. For sure Zuma Sparke is a great game. We think that you will love Zuma Snake Coil game also.

Interesting fact: Snake coils (geology): Snake coils is a descriptive term used by physical geologists and glaciologists to describe the “snake coil”-like shape that occurs along certain ablation lines. Essentially miniature tunnel valleys, the peculiar natural shapes were first described by French geologist Jean-Jerome Peytavi in 1973 during an expedition to northern Greenland, and later confirmed by a team of Danish geologists. It is believed that snake coils are formed through the same mechanism as tunnel valleys. Source: Wikipedia

Use your mouse to play the game. Point on the balls.