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Zuma Sparkle

Another fun zuma game presented here and this game is Zuma Sparkle. First of all I will tell you that this is the first variant of the online game. Sometimes we play zuma on a daily basis for relaxing and other days not so much. Zuma Sparkle is one of the games that you will play daily.

Maybe this game will be like others but maybe not. I am telling you this from my own point of view since the game is really addicting. I want to share the game with you and I was captivated in playing this game for hours. What a great time was that. You know why? Because I forgot about everything else.

I am playing this game when I write this text to you and I see that it will catch your whole attention. Like every game posted here I want to share with you another game from this website that you can play. This time will be Star Magic. It is a nice bubble shooting game. You know that bubble shooting is something that will relax you and here this is the main thing we want to see. Relax and be on the closest state to zen.

I have here a small video on YouTube that will guide you trough the game. Zuma Sparkle v.1 will catch you and you will be thrilled.

Use your mouse to play the game.