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Zuma The Quest

Another cool zuma game is Zuma The Quest. Why is that? Because in Zuma The Quest game you shoot the balls from the ground and it is very difficult to shoot them good and exactly where they should go.

I tried to play this game for few seconds but it is so addicting that I was playing the game more time than I proposed. to myself. After all Zuma The Quest it is a great game and you will love to play it more and more. Maybe other games are not so addicting like this one. Probably all zuma games are the same. You will spend the entire day playing the games. Why? Because they force you to go to the next level and so on.

Again we have a short YouTube video here presenting the game. We recommend the following game for you: Zuma Vooz. Play the game and tell us what you think.

Use your mouse to play the game.